Measuring Strap Width & Length

Nothing's worse than getting your strap in the mail and realizing you ordered the wrong size. To avoid this disappointment, you should always make sure you know your watch's lug size.
There's two ways to do this...
Check your Old Strap
Many times your old strap will have the lug size stamped on the inside liner. So go ahead and flip that bad boy over to take a peek. 



Measure your Lug Width
You can always measure the distance between your watch's lug in mm. It's best to measure between the inside of the lugs for a more accurate measurement. You can use a ruler or bust out your digital caliper, cause why not?



It's definitely worth it to take the time to measure your strap length to avoid disappointment. To determine the appropriate length of your strap you can either measure your strap or measure your wrist.

Measure Your Strap

If you have an older 2 piece straps, you can measure them end-to-end excluding the buckle. Strap lengths NEVER include the buckle length.



Measure Your Wrist

To measure your wrist use either a seamstress measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist. You should then measure your watch case and subtract it from your wrist measurement. This will give you the strap length you are looking for. Keep in mind two piece straps can be adjusted for a tighter fit when buckled  so it's okay if it's somewhat longer than needed.