Our Story

North Street Watch Co. began as a passion project.  Passion for our beloved watches of course, but also as a passion for nature, architecture, and beautifully made things. 

We didn't simply sit down and decide to make a brown strap.  We found a brown that's close to the shade and texture of a wooded lane in Greenwich, a few hours before dusk in the middle of spring.  That brown.  There's a true story like that behind each piece in our Collection.

Our straps are beautiful.  Beautiful not only in the finished product, but in the hand-craftsmanship we measure, cut, paint, and sew into each one.  Our manufacturing process is of the old world.  We love that this kind of thing even still exists. 

We're proud to share our story and our artisanal work, and truly humbled to earn your business and a place on your special watch.