"For quality purposes, the edges feature color-matched paint. The lining is comfortable against the wrist too. Thanks to the quick-release spring bars, you don't need a tool to swap between straps anymore."

"The [Valleywood] epsom leather has an exceptional shine that looks dark green, almost black from one angle, but lighter, oily green from another. As such, it is more of a classy option, but it works well with sports watches too."
"The Stanwich from North Street Straps is one of those must-haves for a strap aficionado.

"The [Grahampton] nubuck is a charming, soft material and one of may personal favorites. It can looks like a million bucks with the right watch"
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"I find tremendous value in something handmade. It adds a little bit of charm. [The Stanwich Watch Strap] feels nice and supple and doesn't feel too flexible. Very sleek looking. This looks absolutely fantastic. It's a perfect match!"


"[The Grahampton Watch Strap] looks pretty smart on the Speedy. It feels quite well made. I think it's good having standard quick release bars. It's good North Street recognizes that's what people want. Both keepers are the same size. This is a very good sign of a quality strap. The stitching looks good quality as well. This one is going to get a lot of wear. Wonderful strap from North Street and it shipped out pretty quickly."

"This well crafted strap [Grahampton Watch Strap] really made my Moonwatch more wearable and added a touch of stylish flair."

"Can't be more happier with the straps from NSW. You can feel the quality of leather in the straps. You know they will be supple and long lasting. One more thing I really like is that they fit super well to my modern Rolexes. Most of the other straps just rub the case (not sure why rolex have the case that eats off the straps ). Had zero issues with NSW and being awesome looking doesn't hurt either." 

"[The Greenwich Avenue Watch Strap] is a beautiful 18mm alligator strap. Not badly priced for handmade alligator strap made in the United States. I specifically choose the brushed buckle because of the case [Bulova Chronograph D]. I think it looks really good together.  Beautiful strap. Beautiful watch."

 "The Cognewaugh strap is a wonderful piece of leather work. The Epsom leather has a wonderful texture that's fits both a dressy and casual look. The tapering is aggressive (20-16mm). That's the preferred design for many. Most straps seem to only taper 2mm. Less tapering often feels both cheap and less elegant. The color is rich and saturated and will partner well with any blue accents."

"The Valleywood strap. What a beautiful strap, well made of outstanding quality materials and hand crafted to the highest standards. An amazing colour, that wears so well with any watch."
"The [Stanwich] leather strap has a great comfort to it and feels very durable as well."
"The Dassari straps are a great bang for your buck. Comfortable and looks great with my GSOTM."