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Charger for Samsung Gear Fit 2 (SM-R360)

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Make sure the charger for the Samsung watch you have is the best in the industry. You want a fast, safe, and efficient way to charge your Samsung watch. [show_more color="#f98017" more="Read more >>" less="less"]  

Galaxy Watch Charger Compatibility

Other Galaxy Watch chargers on the market suffer from real compatibility. This charger is designed to solely work efficiently for specific products from this brand.¬†  

Samsung Active Gear Charging Dock

An active lifestyle deserves a charger you can truly rely on. You may have access to tons of smart devices and products, but how sure are you that these gadgets can truly fit your lifestyle? This charger allows efficient Galaxy watch charging, and easily deals with a more active and physical stance as well!  

Fast Charging Experience

To fit an on-the-go lifestyle, this charger comes packed with the right set of accessories. A reliable USB cable aids in fast and proper transfer of power. The charging cradle allows for quick and easy device links.  

Styled to Impress

This may be one of the most stylish smart accessories you‚Äôll ever own. This charging device incorporates a minimalist and sleek look, perfect to go with your Galaxy Gear Fit.  

Keeping It Safe

This excellent device model also comes with a reliable Power Protection (PTC) semiconductor. This charging enhancement helps keep the wires and circuits in the model safe, preventing dangerous overcharging and the like.  

Fit and Portable

In line with this smartwatch device‚Äôs compatibility with the fitness-centric Gear Fit gadget, a focus on being able to withstand all sorts of elements is prioritized. Aside from being portable, this Gear Fitness dock is also built tough, which is just perfect for a rugged and highly physical lifestyle.  

Quick Checklist for Efficient Smartwatch Charging

Encountering problems when charging your device? Here are a few pointers to help you out:  
  • Make sure your device is properly seated on the charging cradle.
  • Always inspect both your chosen gadget and the charge device. Any dirt found on these devices can prevent proper charging from happening.
  • Check the port and connector as well. Any damage to these parts will not only result in improper charging but possible damage to your gadgets as well.
  • Consider having the charge docking gadget in a cool and dry place. Moisture and heat both play a part in breaking apart the device.

How to Maintain a High Battery Life for Your Smartwatch

Here are tips to give you the peace of mind that your device is juiced up right.  
  • Check Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Disable the Wi-Fi when there is no need to connect to the internet.¬†
  • Adjust the screen display options. A lowered bright setting can help save your watch's battery life.
  • Adjusting notification settings can also lower battery usage.
  The StrapsCo charger is light in weight and compact in size, which is portable and convenient. It charges the watch quickly and efficiently. Keep your Samsung Gear Fit 2 Smart Fitness Watch SM-R360 safe from over-current or over-charging when connected to the power source.   [/show_more]