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Charger for Vivosmart Garmin Sport Watch HR

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Nowadays, people are a lot smarter with their accessories and items; they have smarter phones, smarter cars, and even smarter watches.¬† Naturally, it‚Äôs important to invest in a quality fast-charging cable to suit your needs. If you‚Äôre one of those sporty professionals who owns a Garmin active smartwatch, you probably need a Garmin Vivosmart HR Charger with fast charging abilities and other features, as follows.  
  • Charging Dock Cradle with USB Cable
  • Compatibility: Designed for Garmin Garmin Vivosmart HR / HR+
  • Power Protection (PTC)
  • Accessory only; device not included
  • SKU: g.c2
  StrapsCo High quality USB cable ensures enhanced faster charging speed. It is convenient for business users and travelers. [show_more color="#f98017" more="Read more >>" less="less"] Originally made for people on the go, this smartwatch is a perfect companion for anyone who wants to check on their workout progress, health, and keep up with their schedule for the day. Here at StrapsCo, we ensure our products can keep up with your demanding lifestyle, whether it‚Äôs work or play.   Like most travelers or active people, you‚Äôve probably either lost or broken your Garmin charging cable, but our StrapsCo replacement charging cable for your smartwatch is as good as the original but with an affordable price tag. It comes in the color black to keep it from looking old, and it looks exactly like the original.¬†   Simple and durable, this cable is one of our available accessories that can withstand any form of rough handling. It‚Äôs exactly what you‚Äôd expect from the original, and the charger only requires the device to be plugged into the cradle to charge.¬†   The Garmin charger cable we offer is power protected (PTC) to ensure it doesn‚Äôt overload and possibly ruin your device; this is a smart and needed feature for most chargers these days.¬†   While our newest addition to smartwatch charging accessories doesn‚Äôt have reviews yet, it has been designed to ensure that your smartwatch performs as you do. Charging your Garmin Vivosmart HR shouldn‚Äôt be a hassle, which is why our charging accessories are designed to be durable and reliable.   Our spare charging cable is ideal for long and rough usage meant for travelers and professionals on the go. It has a snug cradle that ensures your device is safely plugged in and charging perfectly. It can be plugged into a computer or through a USB charger adapter.¬†   The common concern for these third-party chargers is usually the incompatibility error you get when you plug it in, but that‚Äôs not the case with our accessories.¬†   Designed smartly to ensure compatibility and a snug fit, our product safely charges with a smart feature that avoids overcharging. It‚Äôs designed similarly to the original cord, but at a more affordable price. It‚Äôs perfect for people on a budget.  

Where to Buy Garmin Charger

  Our charger for Garmin Vivosmart HR is capable of fast charging, like the original design. This charging cable is also compatible with the HR+ version, as it is the same size. Please note that this only includes the accessories‚Äîthe charging cable and cradle‚Äîand not the actual gadget.¬†   If you‚Äôre looking for more charging accessories for your other smartwatches or bands, we have everything you need. As of this moment, we ship free worldwide, and we also have a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo that will save you a couple of bucks.   [/show_more]