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North Street Straps

The Milbrook Watch Strap in Whiskey Brown

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$138.00 USD

The story:

Milbrook is a pastoral community in central Greenwich, home to a collection of stately properties and the Milbrook Club.  The Club was founded in 1923 as part of the former estate of notorious New York City politician, William "Boss" Tweed. 

Its 71 acres of distinguished trees and manicured landscaping inspired our ruggedly handsome Milbrook strap.  Milbrook is handcrafted of a slightly thicker whiskey brown leather.  Its a semi-gloss strap tanned for a natural richness and variation in color.

Wear it with:

With its chiseled good looks, Milbrook isn't afraid to get its hands dirty; you won't want to take it off your tool watches.  It will age as gracefully as your vintage chronos and divers.

How we made it: (why this is special and worth the money)

Our Collection straps are 100% made by hand in the United States.  Production is completed by men and women who have been doing this for most of their professional lives. 

There's made by hand, and there's made by hand Cutting, gluing, sewing, hole-punching, painting: all done with love and care.  We think you'll feel it in the finished product, and appreciate the quality for years to come.

Strap length: 115mm/75mm

Thickness: 2.5mm, which is a modestly proportioned strap designed for all-day comfort.

Optional extras: (nope - included free of charge)

Quick-release spring bars: pretty much all our lugs have "battle scars" and if we never have to use a barbaric springbar tool ever again, it would be fine by us.  Have a thumbnail?  Then you can fit Collection straps to your watch.

Premium steel buckle: 16mm, and modeled after an iconic design.  It's destined not to join the countless "spares" you have in your strap box; you'll actually want to wear this one.  Just let us know whether you prefer brushed or polished.  (the brushed buckle matches really well with most titanium watches BTW)